Gaurav Joshi

Founder and CEO

Mr. Joshi is a free spirited digital tycoon with keen interest in football. He’s a health-freak in disguise with an enthusiasm that can light up any room he is in.

Suchismita Jena

Web Developer

A cheerful soul with a mind of gold, this little girl knows her way through codes pretty well. Meet our Web Developer to bring colours to your business.

Ria Pujhari

Content Developer

She is a fun-loving, bubbly kind of a person always ready to try new things. Drenched in fictions, this poetic soul lives her life to the fullest everyday!

Alok Behera

Senior Graphic Designer

With him, his years of experience didn’t affect his crave for learning. In the path of maturing professionally, the ‘hungry learner’ in him never got stained.

Aaditya Prasad

Junior Designer

This creative little head believes that the best part of being a graphic designer is knowing that he can use his creativity to help others shape their vision.